Much more than just multifunctional apartments and homes with attention to detail

Construction company XENEX, s.r.o.

While we can build almost anything, we typically focus on multifunctional homes, apartments buildings, and family homes. We also have experience implementing larger projects, such as athletic complexes and office buildings. However, we believe it’s better to let our buildings speak for themselves, rather than just letting our clients read about them.

Why should you choose XENEX? Because of our widely-praised experience. We’re skilled at what we do, and we’re completely immersed in our work. Our clients know exactly the type of quality they’ll receive when they work with us. Besides our actual construction work, we also offer a full range of accompanying services. These include engineering consulting, complete project documentation, and even marketing, for example, if you’re seeking to build a development project with us.

Building construction
Double-sided grandstand with judge’s tower

This double-sided grandstand with a judge’s tower is one of our biggest and most impressive buildings. This modern grandstand serves for viewing show jumping competitions and training sessions. The dominating feature of the structure is its unconventional membrane roof, which we were the first to introduce in Slovakia. The seating capacity of the grandstand is 1840 people.

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